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Perspektive Design is a unique marketing + design studio, offering strategic development, advertising and communications services to a wide range of clients and projects. From concept to completion, Perspektive Design is dedicated to meeting the promotional needs of our clients, whether they are small businesses, corporations, franchises, or non-profit organizations. Our design and marketing experience, coupled with our passion and creativity, enables us to deliver effective branding and communication solutions as we approach each new design challenge from a creative perspective. By applying unique and targeted creative thinking and a comprehensive understanding of consumer desires and user experience to every new project, Perspektive Design enables you to change the way people think, feel and respond about your brand.

We are dedicated to developing successful and relevant promotional experiences across multiple disciplines including print, web, mobile, advertising, corporate communications, brand development, social media, film, motion graphics, and signage.

The Team



As one of the principle partners of Perspektive Marketing, Luke is the creative backbone of our marketing team, and oversees all creative aspects of brand development, advertising campaigns and communication design. Having previously served in the roles of art director, copywriter, and graphic designer, Luke loves applying his creativity to a broad range of applications, and works with our design team to ensure the final quality of all creative work.

Graduating on the Dean’s List from Capilano University’s graphic design and illustration diploma program, IDEA, in April 2007, Luke immediately began taking on many creative projects as a freelance designer, working for 4 years on a wide array of client projects. In January of 2012, Luke took on the position of Art Director for Streetlight Creative, a creative agency in Vancouver, responsible for guiding all design projects and campaigns and overseeing a team of designers. Then, in August of 2012, Luke decided to leave this role to form his own design company and creative studio, Perspektive Design. where he now works as the Senior Creative Director.

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